Tuesday, 23 April 2013

From Didyma to Bodrum

Rightly, I now beleive, this stretch of the Turkish coast is famed far and wide. It is littered (ha ha) with ancient Graeco-Roman remains, many temples and theatres alas felled by earthquakes; but the temple we visited in Didum (Didyma) is still an awesome sight.
The day was warm and clear, a pleasant breeze to counteract swelter.
There were very few visitors, and all was very peacedful.
A wall has been built around the temple site (in the early 20th century) and the fallen columns and statues have been cleared and organized to a certain extent.

David, Karen and I found a fine spot where I could sit in the shade and the others in the sun, and had our late lunch (delicious crunchy cucumbers, wholemeal bread with thin slices of goats' cheese, a few dates, and all washed down with cool water).
After walking all round the ruins, we rested and thought about Time. Oldest part of this temple dates from 7th century BCE.
I pretended to be Nike (goddess of Victory) and then a Guardian Angel while David snoozed, dreaming of space...

After resting a while we set off on the long walk home. About five kilometres... finally we saw the sea and knew we were approaching our goal.

Interesting decoration on this fluted pillar base.

And I almost forgot the tortoise, quietly crawling through the grassy surrounds of another pillar base

And do not forget the griffon.

Tomorrow we sail on towards Bodrum, about a four-hour journey. Weather promises to be good.
But we were to have a big adventure with a dragging anchor: to be detailed in the following instalment.

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