Saturday, 15 September 2012

Yelikavak... and home

This is where Rena has a house, on a tranquil hillside overlooking the Aegean Sea. Peace abounds.
We arrived after dark, by taxi up and down the winding coastal roads. And for the first time in almost two weeks slept in a bed that did not sway rhymically upon the balmy, and sometimes choppy, waves!
We sailed and chugged from Didyma down south to Yalikavak, little wind, a slow progress.
Very new marina in Yalikavak, too many super-yachts and sun-worshippers...
Didyma is also brand new, but was very quiet and low-frequency tourists... And very attractive with flowers and plumy rushes and shrubs. (Expensive, of course.)
I steered Stromhella out of the harbour at Didyma, very calm sea so no big deal.
I still find her a large boat -- so different from our previous yacht, Mitigator (which her new owner, Michael Forrest, has re-named Countess Maria II ... hope I've got those spellings right!).

This is the end of the trip with Rena -- she and I joined Stroemhella at Eskifoca on Monday 3 September.
It has been quite an upward learning curve, for all three of us, me perhaps the most. Rena had never crewed before -- she is very adept and patient. Also a terrific cook and we greatly enjoyed her meals.
Back on land in her home, she made us a delicious mushroom curry and we ate it slowly, sitting on the balcony overlooking the dark sea.
We talk softly, recalling days long ago -- how we met in London about 45 years ago -- and some of our adventures since. Rena tells David about some of the work she had done, in places all around the world, from England to Guyana to Australia to Papua New Guinea.
Always finding a place to call home...
Daivid and I will now return slowly to Kusadasi and on 23 September fly to Amsterdam. Time for a little northern interlude.

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