Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Official stamps in Kusadasi

The gale subsides, the wam wind soothes our skin. We have reached Kusadasi, close to Ephesus. And here we decide: over-winter in Turkey.
So after weighing up all the pros and cons -- like how many wonderful old crumblies are in the vicinity, how easy the air connections are to far-flung relatives, whether there are possibilities for David to make some academic contacts (Izmir University), the general feel of the place and the sunset glow -- we decide: YES.
So armed with all essential documents we make our way to the office of the marina where the excellent Zenyap (spelling?) fills out the necessary forms and soon we are off through the city, from coastal guards to tax office to photographer and back again -- and after a few hours David has his resident's permit in embryo...
Mine must wait till we return in October, since my passport expires in January 2013 and we have applied for a year's residence permit.
With much-lightened spirits we return to the boat and spend hours making all the flight bookings now required to get us through the coming month -- to Amsterdam, the UK and back to Izmir.

Now I must seriously start learning Turkish, which so far has challenged me greatly (!) although I have mastered the word for Thank you (four syllables...) for which I gain gleaming smiles from appeciative Turks.
Thus we will visit Ephesus after we return from our northern jaunt, and now will sail south a little to Yalikavak, where Rena has her home in this warm, hospitable land.
A few days there (more sunsets to admire) and then we'll come back here to begin the next chapter.

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