Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Paradise enow....

The ambivalence remains. When idling at anchor in Paradise Bay, swimming in clear waters at a temperature of 25 Celsius, or at night watching the distant stars, myriads of fiery folk all aglow, as G.M. Hopkins called them-- what could be more delighful? Then we say happily: it can't get much better than this...
But when buffeting into a headwind over choppy waves, and when David slips on the coach roof and crashes down with a mighty bang, and the anchor doesn't hold in the weedy shallows -- then I am far from happy.
But here is me in a moment of extreme content:

So, after a day's somehwat windy sail, we reached another delicious bay -- named after St Paul, who apparently shelted here in this way to Ephesus... and watched the sun set quietly over Samos.

One more day of solitude and then tomorrow north through the Straits of Samos and back to Kusadasi. The wind will be on our nose, according to the forecast. The scenery will compensate for the bounce! I think I'll take two Stugeron pills, to be on the safe side.
Temporary farewell to paradisal days...

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