Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Turkish coast near Izmir

We left Istanbul and flew to Izmir, whence a train and then bus to the delightful coastal town of Eski foca (the 'c' is a 'ch'). Eski means 'city' and 'foca' means old. And it is truly  charming. We spend a couple of very happy days there, wandering round the cobbled streets, skirting the ancient city walls, eating in shaded restaurants adn trying to practice my few Turkish words (please and thank-you and good-bye).
It was quite a sheltered bay and Stroemhella lay at anchor, which meant the three of us had to clamber into the dingy and row ashore over the sparkling waters... Sometimes quite bouncy!

In the central pic above you can just detect our boat -- a small white speck on the right, with tall mast...
We had some good talks about being on the boat and our different expectations. I realize our plans have kept on changing, particularly as regards the crewing of Stroemhella.  We grow more easy with each other and I re-learn crewing activities! It is very hot and the first few days I don't feel particularly energetic unless I'm in the shade. And I miss space -- all is indeed cabinned and confined! But then comes the wonderful moment when, arived in a marina (in this case Sigacik, still north of Izmir) and official papers shown and stamped by marina authorities -- we can have a shower. Oh bliss!
This is an excellent marina. Outside, the winds howls and whines. But what a joy to have an unsticky skin!

We await the whims of the winds, but plan now to sail towards a Greek island -- maybe Rhodes -- where we will keep Stroemhella through the winter months.

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