Thursday, 21 June 2012

Halkide, Chalkide, or Chalkis

We are getting to feel really at home. And never have we met so many helpful people. Many of the Halkideans speak reasonable English and David has been delighted to discover small shops and a Chandlery stocking all the intricate spare parts he could not find anywhere else.
I have become an expert in creating Greek salads with just that touch of a difference (teaspoon of marmelade (Italian) in the dressing... ) ever thought of that?

Last night we watched the bridge open to let three of our yacht-neighbours pass through on their way north.
That was Citta del sole, with Francisco and Paola (yes, gender reversal...), together with Hoe from France, and Piccolo from Germany, crewed by Marianna and Volker.
Quite a few of the crews on these long trips are, like us, retired and pacing life (the sea!) slowly.
After the yachts had gone through the bridge (an opening section of the road, that dropped about a metre and then slid inwards under the road on either side -- took a long time to accomplish this feat) watched by cheering crowds shouting Yassas, and waving farewell -- we joined them on the other side and helped them tie up.
I went on board Piccolo and drank a glass of retsina and talked about travel, and age, and so forth.
The night air was soft and warm.

Back to Stroemhella, now bereft of her neighbours, but able to take shot of the sunrise over the waters, unimpeded by friendly masts...

And there she is, the beautiful Stroemhella, with a sheet to act as wind funnel -- most necessary!
David says the forecast for this weekend is 39 degrees Celsius. A cool church required...

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