Saturday, 16 June 2012

Second largest Greek island after Crete

We have reached Evia, and sailed (or mainly chugged) up the west coast, starting at the southern tip.
We are now half-way up, where a swing-bridge links mainland Greece with this, the largest isalnd after Crete (of the countless Greek isles...)
We crossed over from mainland Greece, after sailing eastwards from Athens, and stopping in some small working harbours, where we encountered much friendly hospitality and helfulness.

Meanwhile, our capitano continues to care for his guests on board and prepares wondrous dishes (see above) using the superb Greek veggies and fruit, bread and wine (we have now acquired the words psomi and ouzo, which prove very helpful; tomate also exceedingly handy...) In fact, our Greek progresses, albeit slowly, and I have written out a list of the alphabet, caps and cursive... to which I apply myself diligently.

Time and patience
Very strange how time passes on a boat, with daily sails and new harbours, varying scenes, strangers becoming friends (for a brief hour). So many impressions to absorb. Let alone the continuous addition of new historical inforwation -- straightening out the realtions between the Greeks and the Persians, recalling all those Greek myths one learned at school, and the Greek names for the gods and goddesses (not Minerva, but Athena).

Sometimes straightening out relations bewteen the crew. Learing how to be quiet and speak words sparingly (very hard for me!!). Watching all the time, observing amazing beauty, the light dazzling across the waves, or gleaming on the oily waters, the dark cypresses standing out againt the velvet depths of blue sky, and on land the squashed mulberries on the ground beneath a laden tree, oranges shining between their green leaves, skinny cats with their large liquid eyes... So much to absorb...
And so much light...

 Note for my faithful blog followers: sometimes I can't attach the pic I would like to, so maybe you see some doubles ... well, you know how it is...

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