Friday, 8 June 2012

Through the Corinth Canal

We had to wait outside for about an hour, bouncing around (so installed Shenghui and baby Helene in a bunk with side, in the main cabin.)
As we enetered, Shenghui awoke -- happily, since it was truly spectacular. Helene slet the whole way through...
It was narrow, with high steep sides, showing layers of different coloured sandy rock. Plants and small trees grew from the banks. The occasional watery cave...

We went through with three other yachts -- we were the last.
In front of us a smaller, slower yacht from France -- whose delightful owners (a couple, of retirement age...) frequently slowed down to take photos (one is meant to speed through the Canal at around 6 knots...) and we had to put our boat into neutral -- once even considered putting the engine into reverse mode!
But one couldn't blame them. It was unforgettable.
Helene slept through it all -- but then, she has sooo much to see on this, her first sea voyage!

We found a quiet bay to anchor in, watched the sun sink below the horizon, and realized why we are here...

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