Saturday, 21 April 2012

Return of the sun

So today, Saturday 21 April, we set sail once more, heading for Acciaroli -- or, if we feel very lazy, for Agripoli, just 20 sea miles away.
Despite the rain, the wind, the thunderstorms and the cold, we had some wonderful days while in the port of Salerno -- and saw Amalfi and even more stupendous, Rivallo.
Herewith picture of me in the gardens at Rivallo (in between the rain downpours!)

And of course the amazing view of the costa Amalfatini; and inside the duomo in Ravallo -- Jonah being swallowed by the whale -- or just possibly, being regurgitated...? Wondrous sea-monster...
The entire scene is composed of tiny pieces of coloured glass (?)/stone/mosaic, uttely beautiful, reminiscent of Arabic work.

Yesterday was passed in Salerno -- with a small expedition in search of a "relay" for the water-cooling system (and found the right chandlery!) followed by discovery of delightful bar near Teatro Verdi, with a distinctly literary character. I had a glass of Lacrimae Cristi (rosso). It seems the Salerno Arts Festival is on right now. But on Sunday, when La Traviata is being performed, we shall have departed -- alas.

Time to close the seacocks, and dress for the sea journey.
A presto...

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