Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter blossom abounding

Just back in Amsterdam after a 24-hour visit to Maastricht. Wonderful train ride through blossom-rich countryside -- this is certainly the Netherlands at its best (not Holland op z'n smalst!). And all the trees budding bright greens but still lacy-thin so you can see the sky between the thickening twigs, burtsing buds...
Had great fun dancing and singing with granddaughter Yara, now 10 and a half months and greeting the world with heart-rejoicing smiles (usually). A household full of music, good food, great conversations and above all, warmth.

Have packed things to fly off to Italy tomorrow morning -- Easter Sunday  arrivala with church bells resounding, I imagine.
Here, it is cold again -- hailed this afternoon, and spring has danced away for a while.

All very quiet in my house -- I guess lots of people have gone off for the weekend as it's a long one for many folk.

Well, now for a real long sail in Stroemhella -- in fact, my first real sail in her; the plan is to go slowly down Italy's west coast, popping into Pompeii and other delights (Paestum maybe) and then meeting our next crew member in Reggia Calabria, in the tip of the toe, in about 3 weeks' time.

Don't know what our internet possibilities will be.

Let's pray for fair winds and a porsperous sail!

ciao ciao until whenever...

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