Sunday, 15 April 2012

did we say "rain"???

Escaping the lashing waves and torrential downpour, we sought shelter beneath the shop awnings of the Castellammarre seafont...
I was already soaked through so went in search of dry clothes in a convenient "Outlet" while Gaenor consumed cappuccinos in the railway station -- avoiding further soakings while I shopped. I phoned David who decided to join us as it was too wild on the boat for anyone's comfort!
So we took the Circumvesuvio narrow-gauge railway into Piazza Garibaldi and visited Naples again.
Wonderful mosiacs, frescoes and paintings in the National Archaeological museum. 
Then back to the big square where we mustered our strengths again by mean of a succulent pizza margherita (napolitana of course!)

Back in Castellamarre it was still raining and blowing wildly -- so we all thankfully scurried to the b+b found on the internet in the morning.
Wonerful young women (sisters) and their mother showed us round (beautiful ceramic tiles graced the enitre floor). We filled in the requisite forms and told our adventures, to the accompaniment of a volley of "mamma mia's" from the sisters.
Thence to the Portodavide, and David bravely boarded the prancing boat to bring Gaenor's rucksack (judiciously packed last night) and some yummy leftovers for our supper.
We bought a bottle of Lacrymae Christi, bred on Vesuvian slopes, as it were. This to celebrate Gaenor's Last Supper before departing. And a very fine wine it is too.
Supper was heated in the b+b microwave and proved most palatable...

Today, Sunday, Gaenor departed, taking the little train to Naples, thence to Rome. David and I returned to the boat (in between downpours). I adjust to the rocking. All is much quieter now. But rain is forecast for the week to come...

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