Monday, 16 April 2012

Hailstorm in the harbour

Yes, real hailstones rattling down upon the ship, wind whining in the rigging. How's this for an Esater vacation?
After careful studying of the weather predictions for the coming week (terrible) we spy a 'window of opportunity' on Tuesday -- and decide to try for Salerno, on the north Amalfi coast.

Needless to say, this is not my idea of sheer delight (!!) but later on I will chat to the lovely Napolitans who work here near our pontoon and be cheered somewhat.
I guess David and I will make it over the choppy seas -- after all, we have experienced force 7 (Beaufort scale) in our forner yacht, Mitigator, which was considerably smaller and lighter.

So we play our CD of Purcell and are consoled by sweet music.
David is very busy improving the electrical system on the boat.
I plan the meals and sweep the floors...
Will try to attach some of the excellent pix taken in Pompeei and Baia.

So next stop, Salerno (here's hoping for fair winds and not too much rain).

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  1. Good wind! (or actually... Not too much of it! ;))