Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Learning more about Italy

Still the last day of February. We drove from Viterbo higher into the hills of Tuscia. Snow still lay in great patches on the grass borders and along the winding narrow roads pine trees and large branches had fallen under the weight of last weeks' snow. But now the sun was out and the clearing up was going on.
Have to find out the name of the citta where Pina and Lando live. Amazing house filled with wonderful objects, furniture worn by time, and a huge kitchen where we ate, warmed by the sun shining through the window and the wood-burning stove -- upon which some of our goodies were heated. Pina had been cooking. Vegetarian and as much as possible local grown. Or local pressed olive oil. And the wine from Puglia...
After lunch I went with Pina into her 'studio' or workplace where she makes her jewels. Pictures of this to come... Of course I was tempted and succumbed to a pair of earrings -- and a wonderful necklace as present for my sister. Something kind of magical, of no practical use, just beautiful and thus a thing of joy...
Am beginning to grow more accustomed to this Mac Air. It is very different from my Dell.
Had very interesting talk with Pina as she drove me home (back along the sunset darkening roads, to Viterbo).  She has trained to become a yoga teacher (as well as a jeweller) here among the hilly countryside of the Maremma.
Tomorrow is the first of March. We saw some daffodils just opening their buds.

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