Friday, 10 February 2012

this is called IJspret

I love that word, ijspret -- literally meaning "ice-fun", and conjuring up the invigorating delight of skating, snowballing, sledging on the frozen canals and waterways of this flat land...
Must hang up my washing (indoors of course) then will expand upon the joys of a Dutch winter...
AND the sun has returned, so the washing is hanging in front of the window, facing the still-snow-filled back garden.
Here comes a picture of the snow on the street in front of my house. Today a little murkier underfoot.
Shortly I'll go and take some pix from the bridge over Prinsegracht, where many skaters are gliding gracefully along the stretch between Leidsestraat and Vijzelstraat (that's for the Amsterdam-kenners!).
Astonishing how one's entire experience of what life is all about changes with the weather. I am constantly amazed by this. Hm, this seems somewhat naive, but who cares?
Crisp crunch underfoot, cool and fresh the air one inhales. Good world.
But don't watch the news on the TV or internet...

Now I understand why they drink vodka in Poland and Russia ... Petra (Timmer) and I had a small glass, after coming in from the cold yesterday evening. (Thank you, friends from Warsaw!) Complemented by a chocolate truffle from Pompadour... pinnacle of appropriateness!

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