Friday, 3 February 2012

White cold Rome

We are on the coast, so are getting incessant rain rather than snow. Half an hour away and higher up, Rome is covered in white. Even St Peter's. And the traffic is in chaos. Amazing to think that a week ago I was wandering beside the sunny back of the Tiber...Even had an outdoor lunch and cappuchino.

It is pretty miserable on the boat because the incessant rain drips through impossible-to-seal cracks in the roof, between the hatches, from the air-vents -- but happily, not onto our bunks!
Last night we had a feast on board -- David cooked octopus stew (in red wine and tomato sauce) and provided small deliciousnesses to cheer us up.
The forecast for tomorrow is that the rain will cease...

Apparently in the Netherlands it is now minus 10 degrees and folks are getting wild about the idea of another Elfstedentocht... Hinderloopen, here we come!

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