Wednesday, 7 March 2012

the Greek islands...

Flying across eastwards over the Mediterranean -- looked down and saw the Isles of Greece like flat irregular cut-outs in the blue sea... That's where we plan to sail in a couple of months. But now hear of unfriendly winds sweeping down across this part of the world during the months of July and August.
so plans are being adjusted.
From up here they look most placid and undisturbed.
Started reading The Hare with Amber Eyes while waiting in the airport. Am enchanted -- this is a voice I do not want to stop. When I reached my sister's house I unpacked all the books I'd brought as well as the other gifts. More stories, more memories.
But now, what with gettingup at 6 a.m. which is very early for me, and the travelling and the attempts to read Arabic and unpointed Hebrew on the roadsigns, and the talking to various people, not to mention conversations with the cat Shelli, I need to become horizontal...
Good night until the muezzin wakens me.

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