Monday, 19 October 2015

Guardamar des Dunas

Looking out across the sea from the rolling sand dunes of Valencia.
Every day we climb up to the top of a new fortress.
Then having climbed down, gorge ourselves with paella or suchlike wonderful fishy dish sloshed down with good Spanish beer (Estrella or Maihou...)
I no longer need worry about the bouncing waves since we have our trusty Italian crew, fellow-sailors of many years, Roberta and Walter. I sleep while we sail.
And lovely to speak Italian again.
Realize I've learned quite a bit of Spanish, can flit between the two, though all those "b's" and "v's" can be somewhat confusing.
Back to the grammar book now, need to sort out verb tenses.
The rigging click-clacks against the main mast, otherwise all is still.
David is working on his laptop and R. and W. are exploring Guardamar...
It really is time to write a poem.

Try a pic from the top of Alicante Castle (Castello di Santa Barbara)
No, it won't fly over ... need a lesson at the Apple Shop!

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  1. We spent a day at Guardamar des Dunas sailing down from Alicante to Cartagena. Pix on Facebook