Monday, 19 October 2015

De Amsterdamse grachten once again...

Yes, the dim dark canals have replaced the clear Mediterranean waters... I was called northwards by demands of my house (things like loose structure on the roof, new double-glazing windows for the often cold kitchen, peeling paint and that kind of thing). Fellow house owners will appreciate all this; there is always something that needs attending to.
But I enjoy being back in Amsterdam, it's a fine city with a big buzz, lots going on: the EYE film Institute, splendid new building on the north banks of the IJ (also pronounced "eye") is regaling us with a season of Antonioni films, and related lectures. The Van Gogh museum has an exhibition of Van Gogh and Munch, happy pair (compare and contrast), the Rijksmuseum continues to be a place of splendour and delight.
I will make another attempt at attaching a pic to this blog: photo taken on iPhone (of which I am now proud possessor) while attending class at the Apple Mac centre here in Amsterdam, learning all the new tricks...
These classes are provided for Mac owners, are excellent, given by trained staff. I am learning a lot.
Meanwhile, I ponder on houses, the future, and concentrate as much as possible on the present!
Sorted out some of the poems I've written over the past thirty years. A fascinating exercise, reviewing my 'spiritual' growth... ! Also reading, as ever, fine books. Right now it's Edward P. Jones's The Known World. (Won Pulitzer prize). Engrossing.
And just to provide the meteorological note: it's coldish, wettish and overall grey.
But of course, as in the poem, happy in the heart of Amsterdam (reference: domweg gelukkig in de Dapperstraat).

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