Tuesday, 19 November 2013

European interval...

Back from Mesopotamia ... mind still spinning. We walked in the Tigris and Euphrates valleys, climbed the hills where Abraham/Ibrahim once dwelt (so they say) and sat in the most ancient churches in the world...
I kept a daily journal, and some day when I have time will write the stories. Meanwhile, time speeds me on... we returned from Diyarbakir to Antalya and spent a wonderful day in the museum there. Superb pieces from the excavations carried out during the past decades. Every archaeologist's dream... See pictures in my Facebook albums.
After a few days in Finike (fighting a cold) I flew to Amsterdam, where I now am. And tomorrow down to Maastricht.
I thought I would be in for more of a climate and culture shock than in fact I experienced.
True, it is colder here than Finike (from 25 Celsius to 7 ...) but so far the wind is not biting and the rain is intermittent.
Walking towards the Leidseplein this afternoon I had a pleasant feeling of being in a most familiar setting; past the school where my children enjoyed their secondary education, the Barlaeus Gymnasium, past what was once a prison, the Balie, now a centre for cultural debate, films and meetings, and into the Apple Heaven, formerly the chic department store of Hirsch et Cie. Now full of techno-whizzes, all most helpful (I have an Apple MacBook...) for the not-so-technically-gifted, like myself.
There is always lots to do when I get home after a period away. But that isn't interesting for a story!
I have the feeling I should rush round a little less... but this travelling does keep me so alive and alert, and the stories are all bouncing and cheeping round, ready to start flapping their wings.
I am now loading my pix onto iPhoto on my Mac, and can't find out how to attach them to my blog. So no illustrations, I'm afraid. Just words...

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