Thursday, 31 October 2013

to the land of the Kurds and ancient kingdoms...

David and i have planned a 12-day expedition into southeastern Turkey.
This took quite some doing, and I was a little apprehensive, on account of the unpleasnat situation ongoing in Syria. We shall pass (in a coach/bus) fairly close to the Turkish border with Syria, then Iraq, then Iran.
(I try to recall my minimal Farsi...)

But what an adventure. It looks mind-bogglingly impressive.
I am going to write profound thoughts (of course) in my small black book (you know the kind, they have become very popualr of late) and will then sift and sieve on my return to Finike.
I'll have a week to do this, than northwards to wintry Amsterdam (and Maastricht) for Nadia's PhD ceremony. Remarkable lady, I am so proud of her, being a wonderful mother for granddaughter Yara, and working away, and preparing to be mother for baby number two. Always a great delight to be with her and Daniel (and Yara, of course).

After that a
visit to my darling grandsons and their lovely parents, in Dubai. So much travelling... but as long as I can find a place to sleep somewhere, it all seems to work and my world indeed grows wider and wider...
Lots of stories budding in my head; I plan to write a quantity this winter.
So long from Finike ... next stop, Gazantiap...

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