Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Jerusalem the golden

Complexity overwhelms me, the intricate maze of streets twisting and turning, a breath of recovery on Jaffo where one can gaze down an almost straight line before the tangle of the Old City overtakes... People talking and singing and shouting in whatever language they fancy, and the smell of spicy foods everywhere prevalent.
And the walls, the golden stone defining space, sandwiched with slim cypresses or plane trees whose brownish leaves crackle underfoot. Warm sun gleaming on the marble stones, reflecting light on the dusty windows. Trying to grasp the moment within these nets of gold (I pinched that from Auden, yes)...
Have taken some lovely pix of the city by night (and at sundown) and of the wonderful souk at midday. But havng problems with iphoto, having switched from Picasa (think that was a mistake)... Did manage to send albums to my Facebook though. You can see them there.
Yes, sometimes I suspect age is taking its toll... but last night in a small restaurant in the old city where we munched most scrumptious Belgian waffles, adorned with halva and whipped cream, David and I danced rock 'n roll to the cheering strains of Elvis, Chuck and old freinds from the 60s. Hm, well, are we growing older, slowly???

One last attempt to attach a pic or two... and now the sun is setting over Bethlehem.

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