Thursday, 7 February 2013

On the Atlantic coast of France

Much to do in Amsterdam, but for about 90 percent I successfully accomplished all on my "to-do" list...
Perhaps a little wearying, having to look after two houses and plan many travels through several continents, but then, if I didn't do this, what would I have to write about in my blog... ?!
Rising early in the morning, 4 a.m. to be precise, I wheeled my handy suitcase through the still-dark but very crowded streets of Amsterdam on Saturday night. Wild life, shows me how long since I had been out at such a time Saturday till Sunday... The youth of Amsterdam (and its suburbs) dressed in boots and mini skirts and not a tie in sight. Not too many signs of inebriation.
Bus swung through the shadowy streets and out to Schiphol airport. Very crowded.
The flight was via Barcelona and thence to Bordeaux. All on time and easy, and I slept as much as possible. Not really useed to rising in the wee small hours.

Met Dany at Bordeaux airport and we drove to help celebrate the birthday of one of her granddaughters. And I began speaking only French... sometimes it all goes a bit fast but as the days pass I understand more and more and a great deal returns -- words I hadn't used for many years. Curious and most satisfying, the linguistic ability.

We drove to the nearby sea one day, at Cap Ferret, admiring the lighthouse and the blossoming mimosa. Much wind. Temperatures not in double figures (Celsius).

Lots to do here, and I join Dany in her activities. This morning went with a group of "oldies" doing Nordic walking: I was given a pair of walking sticks and instructed in their use. We marched along determinedly, past the river swollen with rain and lipping the sandy banks, over a slippery wooden bridge, through pine woodland, and covered about five kilometres with great vigour. Much French elevated conversation. I listened carefully, trying to memorize new phrases.
This evening I join Dany with her small choir, singing Basque and Spanish songs. Well, maybe it will be listening rather than singing... I still have a slight cough, picked up in the polluted air of Amsterdam.
Here the air is wonderfully clean, the light streams though the cloud masses, we eat fish and steamed vegetables and feel horribly healthy!
The air is scented with pines and the salt sea. A most realxing and invigorating place to be.

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