Sunday, 27 January 2013

The snow is slowly melting...

To misquote the Beatles. Actually, by the end of today, Sunday, the snow and lumps of ice had almost all gone.
The air feels soft and warm. What a relief, no more sloshing and slipping every time one needs to go shopping or post a letter.
In my back garden the spears of green show through the soil, the snowdrops and crocuses.
A busy week lies ahead... still need to phone official bodies and sort out taxes and such like.
But most impressed with all I've accomplished in the past two weeks, planning the coming six months...
Even looked ahead to August when I'll have my seventieth birthdy, picked a date for celebrating it, the last day of the month, conveniently a Saturday; and started announcing this to family and friends.
At which point we add, Deo volente... Again confronted with the mystery of time.

Colourful view in my kitchen; dark outside...

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