Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Snow in Amsterdam

Woke while it was still dark. Then out into a wondrous world, all soft and white and sound-muffled. About ten centimetres of snow has fallen during the night. Dawn glides over a silver city and around noon a pale sun struggles through the grey. Here some pictures of my street. It snowed more during the afternoon, and froze in the night. But no more snow on Wednesday -- and sun to brighten the scene. Eilit, who lives in my house, made a video of herself dancing in the back garden. Those are the three pix above.
Am hoping to go to Leiden tomorrow but the Dutch Rail messages say travel is kinda disrupted.

In the picture below you can see the front door of my house, freshly painted in the summer, and bearing the family name. It always confuses the Dutch because it looks so familiar but then the spelling is just a little different...
And in the pictures of my dancer, in the back garden, notice the the snowy background with the tropical plant, received as wedding present exactly 40 years ago and still going strong...
It always hangs its branches in the winter's frost, but so far has survived all cold, even once when it went down to minus twenty Celsius. Trusty friend!

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