Saturday, 23 February 2013

Snowy Switzerland, snowy Turin

It had snowed heavily the day before I arrived in Switzerland. The train rides I took through the country, from Geneva to Zurich and a few days later from Zurich to Bern, traversed a landscape of dreamy whiteness. Scenes from Christmas cards. Here a few glimpses of the park in Geneva close to Mary's house, where I stayed.

And then snowy Uster where I stayed a few days with Vreni (friend I have known almost 50 years...).

But the day after I reached Uster the weather became warmer and the sun appeared. Much melting of snow.
So in the brilliant shining blue I made seom walks in and around Bern, in that kind of scene that belongs supremely to Switzerland (though of course other countries have it too).
Spent a couple of days with Edi and Almuth in their house near Bollingen.
My Swiss days were filled with brilliant light and space, good talks, and friendly quiet.

Here are two scenes from our walk up to Alpenblick. There we sat and gazed out to the hazy mountains, the Jungfrau and Eiger, just visible; drank warm tea and rejoiced in being alive.

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