Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Remembering the past

We have been here exactly one week. Shedding clothes and culture, as much as possible.
It is hot and humid; I try to wear a sarong if I can. David too.
We stay in the shade of the large open "living room" and only venture into the bright sunlight when it grows dusk.
David works a lot on his laptop, sorting out row upon endless row of equations, and occasionally looking cheerful. Usually he is not to be interrupted.
I read, desultorily, write snippets, look at my email and -- I have to admit -- FB (but I only read the informative articles!).
This island, Bali, is known as the home of the gods (or something like that).
Every house and small dwelling that we pass has its small or large Hindu "temple" at the gateway; each family has its own god who will watch over it.
There is also a mosque nearby in Lovina, and the pleasant sound of the muezzin wafts up to our villa at the appointed times.
And we visited the largest and oldest Buddhist temple in Bali, quite close to Lovina, and wondered at the marriage of Buddhism and Hinduism which it presented. (I have a feeling it's now the only Buddhist temple on the island...)
So much to find out...
Why life continues to be exciting, worth waking up for each morning!

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