Saturday, 25 May 2013

Once more the desert wasteland...

Hello friends everywhere, greetings from the real hot desert. You open the front door and a wall of heat hits you... not unpleasant, just takes some time getting accustomed... Rules for hot-land living: Always carry a large bottle of water with you, keep sunglasses and hat near at hand, and never forget to insmear suncream of at least factor 30 before venturing out.
I am having a wonderful time here being granny, which entails endless reading of stories, such as The Gruffalo, Superworm, Little Nemo, Lola who doesn't like to eat tomatoes, and many others. Interspersed with the children's Bible: Isaak and I are systematically studying the Old Testament, and having reached Nehemiah are now busy constructing walls wherever possible. See pic.

This construction is a house consisting of large sofa cushions. We also played the Walls Came Tumbling Down a la Joshua, so it was highly educational!
Meanwhile Nathan dressed up as a pirate for a special day at his nuserery school. He loved the costume so much he didn't want to change out of it.

Here the pirate king has finished his lunch and is having tickle-time.
Nathan tells us happily: I'm the pirate king!

Nice to be three and a half and pretty well carefree...

Judy and Christiaan are now in New York (Judy sings tomorrow in the Lincoln Center, with specially formed choir, performing Durufle's Requiem) and here in Dubai, Rose and I hold the fort. All goes pretty smoothly.
The parents return on Thursday evening and I fly back to join David on the boat on the first of June.

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