Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Cappadocia and back

Have to wite a mini-novel about Cappadocia... Simply stunning. So here's a pix of me in sun-repelling garb.
We stayed in Urgup and David rented a car from Avis, and drove us skilfully along the winding roads, up steep hill and down, past the fairy chimneys, to the labyrinthine cave dwelings, along verdant valleys and to XIth-century churches hidden in rocky caves.

I took hndreds of pix and plan to make a book titled -- what else? -- Cappadocia.
Back on the boat now and it is pretty windy. I am not looking forward to tomorrow's sail. But yesterday went to the hamam in Fethiye so feeling wonderfully smooth-skinned.

But all this bouncing...
Ciao for a while.

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