Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Sinte Klaas Avond in Kusadasi

The good Saint Nicholas, after all, came from Turkey, so they say. Here in Kusadasi the elements remembered the Dutch song about the wind howling through the bare branches of the trees -- and behaved accordingly.
The rain poured down, the cats sped to sheltered spots, we made hot soup on the boat and watched the pretty patterns on the water.
Here a few snatches of grey sky before the heavens opend; and the pontoon's well-fed cat, Blackie, who likes to perch upon canveas sail covers...

And (this one is for Matteo!) our winter home, the fine ship Stroemhella, safely moored and riding out many a storm ...

Today one of our local friends whispered softly that it often rains in Kusadasi every day in the month of January. Right now it's just lightning and the occasional distant rumble. And no snow, so far.

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