Sunday, 16 December 2012

Ephesus, that great city, part 2...

Still digesting... City-shock, something like the Persepolis experience... Pause to meditate on time and people's achievements, and the destruction caused by geographical factors -- earthquakes, the sea silting, and so on...
Empty streets and market places, where once the throngs gathered, where once Paul preached (we found a doorway with a cross above the lintel!); huge theatre, reminiscent of Epidauros, and the amazing 'Terrace houses' with their mosaics and painted walls, all recently uncovered.
Not to mention the impressive Library, recently restored (see below).

(Found this lost passage so here come some more pix)

That's David in the blue woolly hat, walking towards the sea...
Next batch will show pix of the Terrace houses.

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