Monday, 28 May 2012

The mutterings of the Sybil...

So we have reached Delphi -- well, almost.
Many adventures, met many fascinating folk.
After leaving Corfu and Judith, we sailed southwards through the Ionian Sea and anchored the first night off Paxos (Paxoi) in a blissful small bay, sunlight glinting on the gentle wave-tops. Complete silence, only the occasional slap-slap of the water lapping against the sides of the boat.

Next day we progressed past Levkas to Cefalonia, passing Ithaca (a name to conjure with!) and me sitting in the back cockpit, writing a few poems.
These will be published later (!).
Went into harbour at Sami (where Captian Corelli's Mandolin was filmed) and enjoyed the sunlight and the colours. Had fine Greek fish-filled supper and walked round the quiet streets. Talked about Greek economy with sad restaurant waiters...

On towards the Gulf of Corinth and under the Reni Bridges -- see pix of our approach, view from beneath (awesome!) and the view from the rear (of course, it all depends which way you're travelling!).

We spent one night in Mesolungi, place of Byron's decease, and where I had a wonderful cold shower. Brr, but most welcome.
This was a perfect day's sail -- we turned off the engine and zipped along at six to seven knots, a broad reach. Note my professional terms, sailing guys.
Beautiful entrance along narrow channel with small fishermen's huts -- reminded me a little of the river Arno near Arnovecchio, all very peaceful; and apparently a bird sanctuary nearby.

All quiet for exit next day -- indeed, the waters were oily smooth, so had to motor, but engine over-heated. (I don't enjoy these moments...)
Later on, wind picked up.
Passing the site of the Battle of Lepanto (1570s if my memory serves me ???) we tried entering the crenellated walls curving round the tiny harbour -- but it proved too shallow, even with Stroemhella's centre-board lifted.
So we exited and continued.
On to the island of Trizonia where we were able to go alongside and were helped by some yachties from the Thames Royal Yacht Club. (Wind had got up.)
Met the jolly people on motor-ship (all electric) moored extremely close to us, and they invited us to supper, on the waterfront looking from the island towards the nearby mainland.
A most merry encounter and good mussels!

Here you see part of Stroemhella and our nearby neighbours' electric boat!
The harbour cat (one of the many!) came to visit and even stepped aboard. But I told him, no mice to catch -- so he jumped off and found a piece of cheese...

In the night it grew very windy and the rain pelted down. At four a.m. David woke to wind-still (well, comparative!) and decided to set off. I swam up from some pleasant dreams and managed to help extricate Stroemhella from her cramped position (with a little damage to the toe rail) and we chugged off through the dark (me at the helm) towards Itea and the Delphic prophesies...

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