Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Corfu from on hgh

Spent another day looking at the beauties of Corfu town and surroundings.
Probably sail southwards tomorrow to Paxoi (Paxos). David returns from a few days in the UK.
Today Judith and I passed one hour in the Vodaphone shop trying to establish internet contact via dongle -- didn't work...
So went to the wonderful market where we found vegetables and fruit and the most magnificent display of fresh fish ..

see pix above:

Our attentive host Spiros from the Argo hotel drove us into town and up to see the view of the airport landing runway and look down upon Mouse Island.

And one final picture of me, Judith and Spiro -- last day on Corfu.
Time appears to rush and yet at the same time creep-- or maybe it slithers at different rates.
One day appears very long -- yet when I think back to my arrival in Corfu (less than a week ago), the sequence is a flash...

A domani, thus

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