Thursday, 2 February 2017

January 2017... Back to blogging, and searching for Spring

Something like Herbert's poem The flower: After so many deaths, I live and write...

I am sitting in the Malaysian tropical jungle and around me is silence. It is hot and humid and I cannot say I feel really comfortable. But full of peace and far from the madding crowd. Occasionally the voices of my grandchildren break the silence. They are watching a video of Pokemon with the sound turned low, in consideration of the adults! Well-behaved children quite often (tone not too ironic...)
David is working on his laptop doing calculations of an intricate mathematical nature, in his attempt to establish the ultimate number of Magic Squares it is possible to create, or something in that realm but I'm afraid I cannot exactly grasp it; but I so see the sheer beauty of pages of neat symbols, equations in a language I do not comprehend but admire (somewhat like my reaction to Arabic script: beautiful and how I wish I could understand it). I am never quite sure if this work is really making him happy (he's been at it for years, writing, scrapping, re-writing, cursing, undoing, gleefully uttering noises of triumph, then once more undoing, deleting ... and so it goes on. He has the notion that having once begun he needs must finish. Well, OK, I respect that!
Now we are off to celebrate Chinese New Year here in Bandar Seri Begawan with Malaysian Chinese Christians. Life is nothing if traditions are not maintained!
Have lots of beautiful pix of this jungle, must try to fly some over. But pause now...

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  1. Jenny here, thanks for blogging. What an incredible life you lead. wow. xoxox