Monday, 15 October 2012

Back from Maastricht

Musing upon the delights of having a one-and-a-half year olf granddaughter who laughs infectiously...
It rained considerably in Maastricht -- but who cares when we can play peek-a-boe behind a rug, the arm chairs, or round the corners of the room...
Here is Yara:

So I don't need to explain any more why it is such a joy to be with her!
We went for a walk through the green fields and admired the coppery coloured trees, saying hi to the ponies and bleating to the sheep (for Yara's benefit). No response despite my efforts ... Yara looked solemnly at all around -- gazed at the water churning through the mill stream, the white Labrador sniffing an unseen scent, the seagulls swooping overhead...
Back for supper (home-made pumpkin soup, delicious) and then more songs with Yara before she snuggled down in her cot.
Tomorrow is her Daddy's birthday. Oh tempus, how those 38 years have sped; well, not always -- uneven bumps and slides, more like it!
David and I drove home to Amsterdam, clear roads, little rain, but pretty cold -- 6 degrees Celsius as we entered the outskirts of the city.
Dreaming of the Mediterranean and shedding woollies.

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